[Trlog] Incomplete WAS Tallies in LoTW

Paul Kirley pkirley at fuse.net
Tue Mar 10 18:43:13 PDT 2009

I know it's off-topic, but since some earlier posts implied greater familiarity with the innards of LoTW than I have encountered elsewhere, I want to describe here an error in LoTW WAS processing in the hope that some subscriber can find a way to get the error fixed.

Earlier e-mails to ARRL got only the reply that I had done something wrong with my "rules," but the problem persists--it recurred in the processing of my Alaska/Hawaii QSOs made during the ARRL DX contests, despite earlier ARRL assurance that they had fixed my "rules" (twice!).

Specifically, when a QSL is generated, the LoTW WAS tallies (80M CW, 40M Phone, etc.) should be updated for both stations.  But I have repeatedly noticed that the WAS tallies are updated only for the station whose log is processed first (lower QSO number assigned).  The WAS tallies for the second station, the one whose submission triggered the QSL, are not updated.  This problem is limited to WAS tallies; DXCC tallies are updated for both stations.  

I first noticed this problem when checking Triple Play WAS tallies, but saw it recur after the DX tests for my 80M Alaska/Hawaii tallies.  So it's not limited to Triple Play, but seems to affect all WAS tallies.

Within LoTW I was able to select one of my QSLs that I knew should have been tallied, and thus force it to tally.  So there is a work-around, but only if the LoTW user spots the tallying omission--a tough job, given the pile of stateside QSLs.  The bigger issue of incomplete WAS tallying remains.

Any assistance in getting this matter resolved would be appreciated.

73, Paul W8TM

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