[Trlog] TR LOG and WinTelnetX

John Harden, D.M.D. jhdmd at bellsouth.net
Wed Mar 11 09:50:57 PDT 2009

Has anyone out there had any luck with getting packet spots from WinTelnetX
to appear in TR Log? I have my Contest computer (running DOS 6.22) connected
to the WIN XP machine through a null modem cable. I get packet spots in
WinTelnetX, and the TR Log window shows as "connected". However, no packet
spots appear in TR Log.


The DOS machine utilizes COM 4 at 2400 baud and TR Log's default PORT
settings. The WinTelnetX program has the same settings internally and the
Device Manager in Windows has these same port settings, too. The Windows
machine uses COM 1.




John, W4NU

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