[UK-CONTEST] RSGB Sprint Contest

Steve Knowles g3ufy at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Aug 12 18:17:51 EDT 2008

Don't see the point, Stewart.  There's no guarantee that a frequency which 
is a fixed step away will be clear and available.  Even if it is and you 
make a quick QSO, the first frequency will probably still be occupied, 
either by the station who worked you there or, if not by him, by the person 
who then worked him and properly inherited the channel!

Steve Knowles, G3UFY

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> --- G4FNL <g4fnl at bubloz.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>> Folks
>> Just a reminder that the first of the new series of
>> RSGB Sprint contests
>> starts this week, with the CW Sprint on 80m on
>> Thursday 14th Aug at
>> 19:00Z.
>> The RSGB HFCC web site has the rules and some useful
>> examples to explain
>> the exchanges.
> Quote from the rules:
> "3. Special QSY Rule: if any station initiates a call
> (by sending CQ, QRZ?, etc.), they are permitted to
> work ONLY one station on the same frequency. They must
> thereafter move AT LEAST 2 kHz before they may call
> another station, or 5 kHz before they may solicit (CQ,
> QRZ?, etc.) other contacts."
> Just wondering if anyone knows the reasoning behind
> the split qsy (2/5 khz) rule, and how this would be
> adjudicated from the logs. The bigger Eusprint contest
> just specifies 2 khz full stop and is much easier to
> keep a grip on (and adjudicate...?).
> By the way I hope to try out the new {CAT1ASC
> radio_ASCII_command(s)} macro in N1MM this time to
> automatically qsy my K3 after each 'RUN' qso. Lock the
> VFOs say 5khz apart and then stick the macro at the
> end of the F3 (run) key; the CAT command will do a VFO
> A/B key press. Not sure if it'll make a huge
> difference but it's fun to try....
> Stewart Rolfe, GW0ETF
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