[UK-CONTEST] Uk activity on VHF

Ray James gm4cxm at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Apr 7 04:46:04 PDT 2010

Why the surprise Reg?
As soon as the 2m/70cm UKAC Cluster/Chat ban came in yet the M2 multiplier remained I warned this would have the greatest implication for locations in the UK away from centres of activity. GM, GI, GW GU/GJ and the South West of England in particular. The nearest "G" I worked last night was almost 300Km away!
If the rules remain unchanged then to be honest Reg, you're just going to have to accept that from now forward, 2m/70cm UKAC's are really England Activity Contests in all but name. The "Club" aspect has certainly upped the numbers competing in England so it has become a contest with high local and near local log filling sessions interspersed with a minority of longer distance contacts. Never mind the quality, feel the width!
73 Ray GM4CXM

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> Subject: [UK-CONTEST] Uk activity on VHF
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> Date: Wednesday, 7 April, 2010, 8:23
> I note as always last night there
> were great levels of activity from the  
> Manchester area as with Birmingham and a few other place's.
> However some 
> spots  on the map are almost white noise. For example
> my old home of S Wales I 
> had not  one QSO! Another area I don't often work is
> the region north of 
> Manchester to  central Scotland! You may say well
> that's very rural but there 
> are large area of  population in them such as
> Newcastle and Carlisle. I wonder 
> if any of you not  the same?
> Reg G8VHI
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