Dave Sergeant dave at davesergeant.com
Sat Apr 10 22:31:41 PDT 2010

On 10 Apr 2010 at 22:01, Alex GM3ZBE wrote:

> In the last 80M CC CW contest I worked a YU who signed /qrp.  Should I
> log him as  YU***/qrp, since that was what he sent?  If I don't do I
> lose the point?  Presumably his entered callsign for the contest is not
> deemed to be suffixed /qrp?

There has just been a long thread on this subject on the GQRP reflector 
(till it got closed by the moderator). Some of the chaps down there 
just don't get it...

/QRP is never part of any callsign in most countries in the world 
(apart from the USA where they can apparently attach anything they make 
up to their callsign and the FCC allows it...). The licence tells you 
how you should identify yourself over the air and /QRP is not among the 
things you can add.

Here at G3YMC, a long time QRP operator as you all know, I certainly 
never use /QRP and if anybody calls me with it I first wince, then 
totally ignore it. It doesn't get sent back to the other chap, doesn't 
get put on the logged call, and doesn't appear on any QSL card I 
subsequently send him. If it is a ragchew QSO I won't even admit that I 
am using QRP as well until the second over when I give my rig details - 
'also QRP 5W'. If I am really generous I might even send 'both QRP' 
when I put it back to him, but at no time will I ever send /QRP. I get 
599 in the pileups, those who send /QRP get 559...

I would hope the contest adjudicators apply a similar policy and don't 
penalise the lack (or presence) of a /QRP in logs. Maybe they will be 

/QRP is a practice that should be stopped forthwith.

73 Dave G3YMC   ...... QRP.


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