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The callsign received should be logged as sent.
The originating station (sender) determines what his callsign is, not the
receiving operator.

Many, especially contesters, will have you believe otherwise for reasons of
convenience, contesting rules,
logging software, perceived knowledge of legalities, dislike of operators
appending their callsigns legally
or otherwise... One should log the call as sent, as an accurate record of
the contact.

The fundamental issue is that the sender determines his callsign and it
should be logged accurately as received.

73,  Andy


On 11 April 2010 00:01, Alex GM3ZBE <alex at gm3zbe.plus.com> wrote:

> Hi
> In the last 80M CC CW contest I worked a YU who signed /qrp.  Should I
> log him as  YU***/qrp, since that was what he sent?  If I don't do I
> lose the point?  Presumably his entered callsign for the contest is not
> deemed to be suffixed /qrp?
> Alex
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