Steve White g3zvw at talktalk.net
Thu Apr 29 02:24:27 PDT 2010

I have been following the debate about some SSTV enthusiats who jealously 
guard part of the 80m band. It leads me to ask some genuine questions:

1. Is there a specific reason (other than historical) why SSTV activity 
takes place where it does on 80m?

If not...

2. Would it not be beneficial to relocate SSTV to somewhere between 
3650-3700, in the part of the band that is not 'contest preferred'? I would 
have thought such a change would promote peaceful coexistence and enable 
more of us to get on with whatever activity interests us.

If these questions have recently been asked and answered on this forum, I'm 
afraid I missed them.

Steve, G3ZVW 

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