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Thu Apr 29 04:45:01 PDT 2010

100% agree Steve - shift that SSTV freq down!

73 Cris

> I have been following the debate about some SSTV enthusiats who jealously
> guard part of the 80m band. It leads me to ask some genuine questions:
> 1. Is there a specific reason (other than historical) why SSTV activity
> takes place where it does on 80m?
> If not...
> 2. Would it not be beneficial to relocate SSTV to somewhere between
> 3650-3700, in the part of the band that is not 'contest preferred'? I
> would
> have thought such a change would promote peaceful coexistence and enable
> more of us to get on with whatever activity interests us.
> If these questions have recently been asked and answered on this forum,
> I'm
> afraid I missed them.
> Steve, G3ZVW
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