[UK-CONTEST] [CDXC] Re: Short calls & the buro

Andy GD0TEP andy at gd0tep.com
Fri Apr 30 06:54:33 PDT 2010

>>Most contest QSL cards are generated by computer and many of the larger
>>station appear to generate a QSL file direct from the ADIF File 
>>after the contest and pack the buro with their cards.   

For MD6V on VHF, I normally import the ADIF file into VQlog, then sort out
the contest QSOs for QSL labels in a way that the programme generates labels
for 'new stations worked' i.e. only if I've not sent them a card before. 

When the buro delivers a batch, I check what's there and most of the time,
each QSL has its reply already on its way. Some times, I get QSLs where the
other station indicates he's sent a 2nd QSL and requests 'please QSL' and in
that case, if a considerable time has passed since said contest, (i.e.
years) I'd normally send an extra card.

As to the cards received... Once I've checked and if required, replied to...
They get binned, that is unless it's suitable to add to my own 'picture'

The contest logs for VHF are also uploaded to www.eqsl.cc 
As to LOTW... well... lets just say I don't use it and leave it at that.



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