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Alan - I recently did a similar analysis of one incoming bureau batch (G3Ss etc) and came up with remarkably similar figures as yours. Right, so we can stop listening to suggestions of mass binning of QSL cards and direct our argument at Germany. It's not just big contest stations, it seems to be in the culture of DL stations to 100% QSL.
73 de Roger/G3SXW.

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  Why do DLs send so many QSLs?

  I have recently finished compiling the statistics for the Cyprus QSL bureau
  for the period May 2009-April 2010.

  DL QSLs account for 27.6% by weight of the incoming QSLs to the Cyprus
  bureau. The previous year, the figure was very similar, at 26.9%. These are
  huge figures.

  I am sure that DLs do not account for the same proportion of QSOs with 5B
  stations. If I call CQ on a band, the majority of QSOs are UA/UR, with DL
  possibly in third place. In the above period, incoming UA QSLs accounted for
  only 4.8% by weight. This low figure is not due to a postal problem, as QSLs
  from the UA bureau are often brought to Cyprus by Harry, RA3AUU.

  So what's the attraction to DLs of all those QSLs?

  As a matter of interest, incoming JA QSLs were the second biggest at 11.9%.

  Alan 5B4AHJ

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