[VHFcontesting] FS: 222 Xvtr, Beam and Rotator

N8UM n8um at comcast.net
Sun Aug 18 20:40:19 EDT 2002


DEM 222-28 transverter,  built by Steve at DownEastMicro.  Purchased in June
02.  TTL high switching.  $325

DEM AOS-28, takes 25w 10 meter signal, splits into RX/TX and attenuates to
transverter level, rf sensed.  TTL high switching.  $50

M2 222-10 beam, new in box, $95

Emoto 105TSX rotator,  includes coupling plate and bottom mast bracket
(bottom bracket unused), 75 feet of rotator cable.  Handles 11 sq. ft.
Previously used with Hazer like assembly to rotate stacked beams on AB-577
60 ft mast.  Like new condx $375  Also available in AB-577 configuration
with Yaesu bearing, Hazer assembly, 5 ft of aluminum 2 inch x 0.125 mast and
single AB-577 section.  Contact me for details

John B. N8UM Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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