[VHFcontesting] FS: AB-577 Antenna Support Mast Parts and Links

N8UM n8um at comcast.net
Mon Aug 19 21:18:04 EDT 2002

Now that I have some more folks on 222 here is the last of my prized AB-577

Base launcher assembly for AB-577, needs new winch cable, no guys, no
stakes, no winch, several extra Delrin roller guides, no mast tubes $100,
prefer local pickup, otherwise too oversize to go UPS or FedEx Green.

Complete set of new Phylistran 1200 lb. guys for 50 foot AB-577 mast.  No
turnbuckles, just guy lines cut to length and thimbles on one end.  3 sets
of guys, 9 total,  no guy rings  $125

Emoto 105TSX rotator mounted on Hazer like bracket and assembled to top
AB-577 section.   Handles 11 sq. ft. of antennas.   Used with Hazer like
assembly to rotate stacked beams.  Includes Yaesu bearing, Hazer assembly, 5
ft of aluminum 2 inch x 0.125 mast and single AB-577 section.  Contact me
for details.  Gary, WO4DX is using the same unit to rotate a 6 meter beam
and long boom M2 144 and 432 beams on one mast.

For those of you not familiar with the AB-577 unit, see





John B. N8UM  Oak Ridge, TN

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