[VHFcontesting] Re: [DCMicrowave] Microwave_Activity_Days

Bill Seabreeze w3iy at fcc.net
Tue Oct 29 07:57:01 EST 2002

Just a few more thoughts about activity.  I know we all have 
opinions about this subject, but we each need to choose a 
method, and try to execute.  Here's my thoughts, after hearing
K1TEOs great talk.

1.  Try to infiltrate local HF/repeater clubs, and demonstrate
     the activities we do, and the fun we have.
2.  Try to make some QSOs on repeaters, and share your
     experiences on microwaving with interested parties.
3.  Try especially hard to convince some 706/FT-100 guys
     to put up some horizontal antennas.
4.  Mazke sure that you have some sort of local 2m/432
    SSB net in mind, so you can tell new-comers where
     to find some weekly activity.
5..  If you have no local nets, consider starting one.
6.  Learn more about in-range nets on 2/222/432 SSB nets,
     and try to drop in once-in-a-while to say hello.
7.  Try to organize a few demos at local hamfests.
8.  Consider hosting a get-together to help others with
     projects, white box conversions, etc.
9.  Donate/loan out some spare antennas/equipment.
10. Make sure you keep in touch with each other, and
     keep track of local operations.
11. Consider hooking up with your local boy scout
      chapter, and offer some help.  They have existing
      merit-badge programs, and you could help out.
12. Share you ideas/shortcuts, parts sources, contacts
      with others.
13. Try to keep your stuff working, and test it often.
14. Consider adding a band...it may give you a rebirth
      of satisfaction, and new sense of accomplishment.
15. Consider roving for a change of scenery.
16. Use the internet more to share thoughts/experiences.
17. Always think POSITIVE.
18. Keep trying items 1-17.

Back to work...73,
Bill W3IY

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