[VHFcontesting] Icom 451 A ??'s

Rick Robinson k8dxn at charter.net
Sat Feb 7 16:12:07 EST 2004

I am helping settle an estate and I need some answers to a couple of
questions. We have an Icom 451A that seems to work good. Rcvs and tx's fine,
display and switches read and function as they should. The front is perfect
with a small scratch on the top cabinet. No mic, but might find it, still
going thru stuff. Power cord and origional manual with board diagrams but no
schematic. Also a new still sealed in the plastic AG-1 430 mhz preamp. The
preamp box is there but has seen better days. First, any estimates of a fair
price, to both seller and buyer, of each item. Secondly can the preamp be
used with other rigs and bypassed in the TX position as it is rated for only
15watts. It uses dc voltage on the coax line. You maybe should reply to me
directly as it might start something as peoples opinions vary greatly and I
alone can sort thru without causing problems on the list. Tks, Rick. K8DXN

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