[VHFcontesting] Excel spreadsheet function for distance between grid squares?

Duane Grotophorst n9dg at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 8 19:36:05 EST 2004

Does anyone have a way to calculate distances bewteen
grid squares using Microsoft Excel? It's not that
important to have a high degree of accuracy but I do
want to have a way to determine the approximate
distances for all of the Q's that I worked during this
last January VHF SS. I'll be using all 6 digits of my
grid to the middle of the grid for the stations I

My radio/logging software combination that I used this
time around allowed me to automatically log both the
mode and actual frequency for all of the Q's that I
made. I'm now working on a breakdown of the
Q's/Multipliers worked vs. frequency for all of my 2M
contacts. I want to extract data for distance vs.
frequency for the Q's and multipliers that I worked.


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