[VHFcontesting] K1WHS u/m FN43mj

Dave Wendling kb1eaa at berkshire.rr.com
Tue Sep 7 21:37:49 EDT 2004

> 1500w, 4 x 18 el, or 16 x 5el fixed SW on 144MHz

16 by 5 elements!  Are you guys kidding me or what?  That is the craziest, 
most awesome, bizarre and wonderful array I can imagine!!! I want to go on a 
pilgrimage and see it. I would like to touch it and FEEL the POWER!!!

I have one, yes count it (1)  of those 5 element antennas mounted on my 
Rover van purchased from Dave, K1WHS and will point it your way for a point 
or two......... That is if you guys don't knock my van over with RF.........

KB1EAA/R, Dave

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