[VHFcontesting] My results

Michael Drake mmdrevo at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 14 23:50:18 PDT 2010

KC2PLJ/R Ending Results

Grids: FN12SR, FN12TR
Total Q's: 15
KM worked: 3,731
best distance was W3ZZ at 252 miles and 406 KM's away, many other
stations were over 200 miles away and helped a lot with the new
distance scoring method. 
The fact that I was close to two sub
grids helped (within a couple hundred yards). I will not be on for the
222 as I have no antenna or transverter yet......looking into this and
open to any ideas from the rest here. The UHF sprint is the next thing
I have my eye on, will be out rover again and have two grids available
above 1800 feet ASL. A M2 432 EME and a K1FO 432-15RS from directive
systems will be the antennas, a small brick amp running 100 watts with
preamp will provide the extra power. I will also be bringing my TS-2000
with me and mounted to my new "rover rack" that I recently completed.
Had a lot of fun, thanks to all. Mike KC2PLJ/R


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