[VHFcontesting] 432 Sprint

Phil Theis phil at k3tuf.com
Thu Apr 28 10:04:30 PDT 2011

  It was a fun evening for the Sprint.
Seemed to be plenty of activity if you dug around where the stations are 
I ended up with 59 qso's in 28 grids with a distance of 21,293 km
Like Herb said, it was nice to hear the band full of cw signals.  Thanks 
to all who stood by while others were worked. The band is interesting 
when many signals are in the same direction.
Best dx to the west was K9EA in EN71 (quite a surprise to me on ssb).
To the south KI4TZ in EM94,
To the North it was nice to work W1AIM, K1LPS, N1JEZ and K1DY in FN34, 
FN44, and FN54
Several over 700 km contacts were quite exciting.
See all on the Microwave Sprint.
Phil K3TUF

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