[VHFcontesting] 222 Mhz Question

Harry Blakeman aspengold4 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 07:06:57 PST 2011

K1VUT, did you grow up in Abington? I think I grew up about 1/4 mile from
you. I was K1WYS at the time.

In the Sept. contest I operated only 223.5 FM. I made about 20 contacts.

I deployed to Massachusetts prior to Hurrican Irene. I could only put one
radio in my baggage for disaster communications and that was an Alinco 220
rig with a mag mount vertical antenna. I went to Vermont and then to New
York state which had the most devastating flooding and damage. My the time
the contest began TS Lee had come thru and wiped out the Binghamton area.

On Saturday I started the contest North of Plattsburg, NY and operated
Rover as I drove between the day's assignments. On Sunday I started
out from the EOC in Albany and drove to Binghamton and ended the day north
of NYC. I don't know how many more stations would have been on FM had it
not been for the flood damage including washed out roads to mountain top
contest sites, but I was happy with the 220 FM contacts. At least I got to
operate the contest which wasn''t the case in June due to the North Dakota

I tried the August UHF contest from West of Denver and did not hear a
single station on 223.5.

I will definitely use 223.5 FM in the future contests.

Harry Blakeman, W0BL

 >>K1VUT wrote: I was wondering if all contest contacts on 222 Mhz are made
       converters or if some quantity of contacts are made with people
       using 222 Mhz FM rigs.

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