[VHFcontesting] 222 Mhz question

Bruce Herrick bdh at teleport.com
Fri Dec 9 16:50:12 PST 2011

Before I had a transverter in my rover, I had stations ask if I had 222, and I would reply that I only had FM.  If they did not have a 223.5 FM station available, they would ask that I work them on FM right on 222.100.  Too much trouble to move.  It's not like the frequency is very busy; if so, they likely already were on 222.110 or some other nearby frequency.  

Bruce WW1M/R

>At 10:34 AM 12/6/2011, DAVE CLEMONS wrote:
>>         I was wondering if all contest contacts on 222 Mhz are made using
>>         converters or if some quantity of contacts are made with people
>>         using 222 Mhz FM rigs.
>>         Any information will be appreciated.
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