[VHFcontesting] Classes in VHF Contesting.....

Marshall-K5QE k5qe at k5qe.com
Sun Jan 4 17:01:30 EST 2015

Hello All....several folks have mentioned that we have way too many 
classes in VHF contesting now.  Yes, we have too many classes and yes, 
we have way too many "HF legacy" rules, but it looks like we may be on 
the way to improvement in that regard.

DEFINITION:  A VHF Rookie is someone that is new to the VHF arena.  
These are the people that we are trying to attract.

I do not like calling them beginners, newbies, or whatever as those 
terms are derogatory/pejorative/demeaning/.....  After all, some of the 
Rookies have 30 years in the HF world.  They are really not newbies or 
anything of the sort.  They are just beginning to learn of the wonderful 
world of VHF and up.  Others have just received their Technician ticket 
and are looking for their place in Amateur Radio.  We want that place to 
be in our world rather than the "shack on the belt" world.

Here are the classes that I think make sense.....this is just me 
thinking out loud....


2)Limited Multi-Op--bottom 4 bands

3)Single Op-High Power

4)Single Op-Low Power

5)Single Op 3-Band--This would be 6M, 2M, and 432 with power limits of 
100W/50W/35W.  This would allow the Rookies that have a         
           DC-Daylight type rig to have their own class in which to 
play.  A great incentive for them.


7)Limited Rover--This should be 6M, 2M, and 432 ONLY with power limits 
of 100W/50W/35W.  This will allow the Rookies that have a                
           DC-Daylight type rig to compete fairly.  This would align 
Limited Rover with the Single Op 3-band fixed class.

ALL classes should be allowed to look at the Internet and to make 

Someone mentioned that there are 13 classes now.  The above would cut 
that to only 7, but it would be a MUCH simpler landscape.  The FM class, 
QRP classes, and other such have never been terribly popular classes.  
To me, they are just "clutter". Of course, if your life revolves around 
QRP, you would not agree.

5) and 7) are classes specifically designed for Rookies and the rigs 
that they normally have and use.  Most VHF Rookies have an "IC706 type" 
rig.....IC706, IC7000, Yaesu 857d, Yaesu 897d, and others similar in 
nature.  All have 6M, 2M, and 432 with power levels of 100W/50W/35W.  
These are ideal for Rookie competitors.

There will probably have to be some contest specific exceptions 
written....for contests like the UHF contest and possibly for some of 
the other specialty contests.  That is fine.....after all, the 10GHz 
contest really is its own world.

Several of the Ad-Hoc Committee members read this reflector, so the 
above ideas should fall into their hands.  We do need to work to enhance 
the VHF contesting world for Rookies(and others).

Everyone is REQUIRED to have a Great New Year....

73 Marshall K5QE
P.S.  As usual, thoughtful replies for or against are welcome. Flames, 
diatribes, rants ----> bit bucket and will not pass GO and not collect 
$200.  Also as usual, the thoughtful replies will not receive $200 

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