[VHFcontesting] Tuesday night 222 MHz Activity Night

David Olean k1whs at metrocast.net
Tue Oct 19 16:57:34 EDT 2021

Hi folks

It is Tuesday and this is a reminder for all who have the gear available 
that Tuesday is THE night to get on 222 MHz. Last week, I think I worked 
18 stations on SSB and CW. It was more fun than the proverbial barrel of 
monkeys.  In thinking about a barrel of monkeys, though,  that might not 
be all that much fun.  However, making a few neat contacts on 222 MHz is 
a lot of fun.  We are getting out of period of potential long haul tropo 
contacts here in northern New England, but that is not slowing me down. 
I will be on starting at about 2300 UT on or about 222.100 MHz looking 
for any contacts.

I have it on good authority that N1SV is very close to having a KW on 
222, so don't be surprised when a big signal shows up from FN42.  I have 
gotten emails from around the country, and there is a concerted effort 
to build up activity in many areas. N6ZE keeps me posted on the goings 
on in the Pacific NW and California. I also hear about 222 news in 
Alaska. Most of the stations there are using FM, but it would be cool if 
KL6M in Anchorage showed up on EME for a moonset evening session on the 
East Coast. Mike runs a big dish and 1500 watts output. He will be heard 
when things are lined up. Unfortunately, things are not lining up for 
any good moonsets in the early evening for the East coast.  With 
elevation, Alaska is an easy contact with a single long yagi. (hint hint!)

I will be monitoring the chat pages tonite. ON4KST (144/432 Region 2),  
and HB9QQ are both checked for action.  I like CW and SSB, but can do 
FT8, MSK144/ FSK441, and JT65B off the moon should there be any 
interest. I have yet to make a Q65 contact, so could use practice there 
as well. That is what activity night is for. After you work the locals, 
why not try something that is a bit different or out of your comfort 
zone. The worst thing that will happen will be that you don't make the 


Dave K1wHS

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