[WriteLog] Computer for RTTY use, Gateway Profile- W98 vs. WinME?

Grant Bright, Ph.D. gbright@bellsouth.net
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 23:30:32 -0400

Hi Doug and List,

This is a real problem right now. WIN98SE is still very much available
except for the manufactures who are still dominated by Microsoft. I was
able to get one the last Dell 5000e with WIN98SE...it works everything

I have worked on a couple of laptops that were "native ME machines."
Sometimes the drivers for display, sound, CD-ROM work and sometimes they
don't...it can be a real hassle and then you loose support because the
manufacturers will say, "We don't support that computer with WIN98SE."

Dell (or others) has a refurb section...you might check there for a WIN98SE
machine...they have a 30 day return option.

But your best option may be to have a local computer shop (that has been
around for 5 or 10 years) built one for you. Then you can spec it out just
like you want it....and by the way, SoundBlaster still makes the SB16 for
ISA slots ($20). I have two of them, one slowscan and one for RITTY that
requires an ISA slot--they work just fine. I get 5 to 10% better print--on
weak signals with no S meter movement) with RITTY than with a HAL ST 8000,
but occasionally the 8000 gets some letters RITTY doesn't....mainly from
soundcard programs and TUs that deviate from the standards in baudot code

Good luck in your search,



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> I sent this to the RTTY list, but there might be some useful inpuit
> from people on this list, also.
> -------------------------------------------
> I'm thinking about getting a new computer for RTTY contesting,
> specifically a Gateway Profile 3, since it looks like it would fit in
> here as well as a laptop does.
> However, I may have a problem with getting it with W98 on it, so
> wonder if I can use Windows ME with MMTTY and Writelog without
> problems.  I'd prefer to get W98, since that's what I'm sorta familiar
> with. In fact I'd be willing to reload it with W98, if that's
> practical.
> I'd appreciate any advise on this, but it might not be of interest to
> everyone, so I'd welcome email direct to me.
> 73, doug
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