[WriteLog] Digital Voice Cards

dr kg0us@swbell.net
Wed, 21 Nov 2001 17:43:35 -0600

I should restate my response a little.  I do not believe that I have an
echo problem at all.  What I have is where the wav file hangs in several

places during play back if I lose a telenet connection.  This also
on cw and has nothing to do with the sound card.  It is a multi-task
windows problem.

As to you people having the echo problem, you should find out what you
have in common besides being users of Writelog. What are those having
these problems using for a operating system, sound card, brand of
computer, and so on?

I am using Windows 98 and Windows 95 and do not have this echo problem.
Is anyone with Windows 95 or 98 having the echo problem?

If you are having this problem and are using Windows XP or Windows 2000
may require a slightly different API call or something.  I do not know
what Wayne does to play the wav files.  It may be that two wave players
are being executed at nearly the same time a little out of phase with
other.  As an example, in  Linux, if a user double clicks on a wav file
an echo will occur because two media players play at the same time a
little out of phase with each other.  This is because Lineux by default
only requires a single click rather than a normal Windows double click.
know you are probably not using Linux, it is just an example.

Another possibility is that somehow the Reverb is turning "on" on the

Is it possible that a microphone connected to the sound card is picking
the played back wav file and mixing in with it because the Echo
microphone box is checked?

Also,  I find troubleshooting much easier at first by eliminating the
radio and
connnecting the output of the sound card to a set of speakers.  Once I
everything working there I then introduce the radio and associated
This approach also works when setting up RTTY in AFSK mode.

These are all just brain storm guesses as I do not know your exact
problem.  I am just trying to give you some ideas to think about.

Good Luck,

Dave KG0US