[WriteLog] Dueling CQs

John Cashen vk4uc at bigpond.com
Sun Jan 11 06:07:07 EST 2004

As part of the annual SO2R debate string on the RTTY reflector I added to 
the noise, in part with the paragraph below.  Now that I  use Writelog on 
all modes I find I miss some of TRLOG's features.

>  "Actually TRLOG has a feature called "dueling CQs" which allows the CW 
> or SSB SO2R operator to run on both radios using lockout. It can be made 
> to work quite well on SSB as well as CW. That feature has been around a 
> long time and most TR SO2R ops use it from time to time, including 
> myself. I have found that alternating CQs on RTTY(manually) with Writelog 
> to be non productive for two reasons: (1) I use RITTY on my #1 radio and 
> MMTTY on my #2 radio and for some unexplained reason the "timed CQ" 
> function has a different listening time with MMTTY than with RITTY. I 
> have never been able to find a delay which works well with both at the 
> same time (a minor bug that Wayne might fix someday) and (2) the 
> listening times on RTTY are long and so are some calls while others can 
> be quite short. Its much harder for me to sustain a "rhythm" like I can 
> on the other modes. Then again it may just be my own limitation and 
> others may have made it work. Being "DX" I do a lot more CQing and 
> running than S&P and Mult chasing and would like to see Writelog have a 
> dueling CQ function, at least for CW and SSB."
>John  VK4UC

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