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I had some bizarre problems a little like yours but not quite the same.  I
had the "variable sound level" problem in both directions.  Sometimes the
audio level seen by MMTTY was so low it wouldn't decode.  Sometimes it was
so high I got overflow. And this would all change between transmissions over
a 5-10 minute period. I was using a Creative Soundblaster, and it normally
scored a 7f but sometimes a 7b.  Anyway, after deciding it might be the
source of the problem, I bought an el-cheapo sound card by MadDog at CompUSA
for $15. It is a clone I'm sure.  It scored a 7f and cured all the
weirdness.  I think trying a new card, maybe more than one, would be a good
bet. By the way, I have gotten in trouble using cards I have bought through
eBay.  I suspect a lot of these have come to vendors because of some defect
or because their drivers are obsolete.

Bob W2WG

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Is anyone else having problems with recording on the fly? That has always 
been how I've recorded my messages, and now it seems to work when it wants, 
which isn't very often. I also get the "memory violation" error, plus maybe 
one other error message. Also, when last checked, I was only getting one 
tone in Rtty (using the MMTTY Plug-in) but MMTTY itself would play ok. I 
thought maybe it was Service Pack 2, so I ditched it for a while. No 
difference, so it's back on. I've tried different versions, and I think I'm 
currently on 10.44 which did the best, but now it seems it's not the answer 
either. The sound card is a Creative Labs PCI 128, and I have worked with 
Chad and Scot since they have the same sound card, and they aren't having 
the problems I am. My sound card scores a 7b, if that means anything to 

Here are some of the problems I have had when recording. Sometimes, I get 
the "memory violation" error. Sometimes I'll record, and when I play the 
message back, I hear the message, it keys the radio, but there is hardly any

output. I've had times where a message records, and plays back fine for a 
few times. Then, I get this jet engine type sound, and the rig stays keyed 
up at full power until the message plays out.

Please don't take this as a message ragging on WriteLog, because it's not. 
I've got something set wrong somewhere, or maybe a different sound card 
would cure my problems. I have no problems in buying a new sound card if it 
would help, but then on the other hand, I would be a little discouraged if 
it didn't. I've had voice problems since spring, and will really need the 
dvk for SS. BTW, I have tried uninstalling the card then installing it again

with no gain.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it. It's getting close to 
crunch time (SS) and I really need to get this problem solved. I'll be at a 
hamfest all weekend, and if a new sound card is what it takes, I'll be at a 
good place to buy one.


73, Mike K9MI

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