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Don Hill AA5AU aa5au at bellsouth.net
Mon Nov 29 14:44:01 EST 2004

Dick et al.

I also run an Icom IC-775DSP and IC-PW1 and have experienced this same exact
problem from the beginning.

I inquired about this same subject earlier this year and was told by at least
two other operators running the same setup that they also experience this
"problem".  Yes, it is a problem.  The IC-775DSP will work perfectly when the
PW-1 is not in line (plugged into the CT-17).  Not only do you have to click
multiple times on spots on the bandmap, it also occurs when trying to click on a
call in the Packet Spots window.

The IC-775DSP and IC-PW1 combination works fine in DXbase 2005 when changing
frequency, so it appears to be a WriteLog "situation".

I don't know what the answer is.  Maybe someone on the reflector can shed some
light on this.

I've not heard this problem reported with other Icom radios.

Thoughts on this one are appreciated.

73, Don AA5AU

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This is the first time I have had a problem with this and looking for some
advice.  I use Writelog (Latest version) with an IC-775DSP and a PW-1.  What I
experienced all weekend in WW was when I clicked on a spot I had to do multiple
clicks before it would put the spot in the entry window and change the frequency
on the radio.  What I noticed on the band map was that the frequency would
change immediately and then just as fast go back to the original frequency.  I
would have to click many times to get this to work.  I then tried it with the
PW-1 off and that seemed to fix the problem.  Frequency changes were immediate. 
So, have I a bad CT-17?  I don't think so.  I changed the ports around and it
made no difference.  Any ideas, help, or incouragement would be appreciated.
Note-this had worked before in multi-band contests and this weekend I was single

Dick W7ZR
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