[WriteLog] Writelog 10.62 TCP/IP Networking

Charles Morrison cfmorris at bellsouth.net
Tue Mar 6 09:36:36 EST 2007


They're two "non-identical" (read: Ham shack computers!! hi hi) running
fully patched, Windows 2000, SP4.  No other problems with any other part of
Writelog except that.  Both are configured with static addresses, both have
all entries for all workstations on the network in the Hosts file, both have
a CORRECTLY configured lmhosts file for netbios resolution (guess that's why
NetDDE works).   Not running any A/V on it.
Since they're non identical, I don't want to start out blaming hardware.
The motherboards are different (Gigabyte and an Asus), the processors are
different (Athlon XP and Duron), both have over 512mb ram, but different
video cards, different onboard sound chips, different size hard drives.  

The only time I have this crash is when they're networked via TCP/IP.
NetDDE does not cause a crash.  And it doesnt take down the entire program,
only the networking portion of it, forcing a restart of the networking


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Subject: Re: [WriteLog] Writelog 10.62 TCP/IP Networking

  I used TCP/IP in the ARRL CW contest to link six computers with Writelog
10.55 running on a Windows XP platform and had none of the problems you
described.  Oh I had a computer "lose its way" once or twice in the contest,
but for the most part everything was rock solid.  Furthermore, when I
operate from PJ2T, we link computers in teh same way that I do it at home
and it is pretty much bullet proof. Sounds like you have some kind of
conflict in the networking or some problem in the operating system.  What
O/S are you using on your computers?
73............de Goose, W8AV


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