[WriteLog] WritLog.ini file location and COM port config

Rick Lindquist n1rl at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 21 19:11:43 EDT 2008

I’m running into a blank wall here vis-à-vis trying to locate the “real”
WriteLog config file (writelog.ini), which I know is not the one in the
Windows directory (although there is one there, it’s not the one WriteLog
uses). I’m running Vista. I created a new one several weeks ago, but I
forgot where, and Vista’s search utility is unable to find it(!). Should I
just try creating another? 


Also, I’m trying to set up WriteLog to send CW for contesting using my new
Vista laptop and a RIGblaster Plus. The Plus will send CW as well as key the
FSK line; you just have to use separate cables — one for CW, one for FSK,
but that’s NBD. 


Anyway, the problem is that WriteLog refuses to accept COM 3 as a valid port
setting. I’m getting an error message that it’s not available, but it IS
available. Does WriteLog “think” that MMTTY is using this port? (I haven’t
reached the stage where I’m running MMTTY from within WriteLog on this
computer.) Is there an instruction line or two that I need to add to the
config file that I cannot find? 


Any ideas? 




73, Rick, N1RL 



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