[WriteLog] IC756PROII/Writelog and Feedback

Larry Schimelpfenig k7sv at comcast.net
Fri Oct 10 07:15:21 EDT 2008

I am also using an IC756PROII, but it's with the orignial (non-pro - 
whatever it's called) headset. If I turn the monitor gain up beyond just 
being able to hear it, I get feedback as well. As long as I leave it turned 
down just to the point of being able to hear it, it's not a problem.

I'm using a DXDoubler, and when I record audio I unplug the mike from it and 
plug it into an audio extension cable that goes to the mike on the sound 
card. That way the mike input on the sound card controls the level so I 
don't have to do anything with the rig.

73 de Lar K7SV 

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