[WriteLog] Writelog recording levels

Georgens, Tom Tom.Georgens at netapp.com
Tue Jun 29 10:50:21 PDT 2010

I am having trouble with recording messages on my Win XP laptop.  When I
record messages, the recording levels vary widely despite not touching
any of the settings.  One time it will record normally.  The next time
it will by grossly over modulated and the next time the gain will be
zero and a silent message will be recorded.  The Echo mic does not show
the same symptom.  Similarly, the windows sound recording function works
fine.  Playing back the messages outside of Writelog shows the problem
is on record and not playback.  When I use the sound monitor, I can see
the wildly different levels while I record.  They will be either
midscale, full scale, or zero scale for the full message.


On a different subject, and a different laptop running Win XP, I have a
relatively long latency between the mic in and the echo out.  I tried a
bunch of settings from audiophiles on the web, but no impact.  If I have
the monitor on, the latency makes coherent speech nearly impossible.


I have used at least 5 generations of laptops with flawless audio
compatibility with Writelog, and the two most recent vintage laptops
have had problems


Thanks and 73, Tom W2SC

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