[WriteLog] Tqsl problem

William Maurer wb6jjj at sbcglobal.net
Tue Nov 8 14:39:09 PST 2011

Thanks to the people that replied to my problem...

Actually, it took only a computer restart to fix the LoTW issue.  I had never run across this problem before and it appearing just after the upgrade to 10.90 I figured the worst had happened.

I guess that I dodged another bullet...

See everyone in the next contest,

On Nov 8, 2011, at 8:33 AM, "W. Wright, W5XD" <w5xd at writelog.com> wrote:

>> After the contest this evening, I tried to create the Tqsl file but I
>> received a dialog box with "Installation Problem:  Can't create Tqslwl
>> object".
>> This is the first contest upload after upgrading to 10.90.
> This is something that has gone wrong with the installation.
> I would first try to re-run the last upgrade installer you have 
> (10.90 in your case).
> If that doesn't fix it, then run two installs:
> 1. re-run the last FULL install kit you have. Followed by
> 2. re-run the last UPG install kit you have (10.90 in your case).
> Wayne
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