[WriteLog] Updated version of microHAM Router available

Joe Subich, W4TV lists at subich.com
Sat Dec 21 17:33:20 EST 2013

microHAM have released version 8.5.2 of microHAM USB Device Router.

This version provides a significant improvement in FSK generation
for Digikeyer II, microKEYER II, MK2R+ and micro2R.  45.0 baud as
set by the Windows API is aliased to 45.45 baud and the UART firmware
now automatically diddles LTRS or FIGS when PTT is asserted and there
is no character available in the input buffer.  This avoids the long
mark issue caused by MMTTY's 7.7 bit pacing and the 8 bit pacing of
the Eltima "Strict BPS" feature.   To enable the new feature, one
must update the firmware in the interface and select the new "stuff"
box on Router's FSK port.

Updated FSK support is *not* available for the original microKEYER or
DigiKeyer.  The program space in the older products is full and there
is no room for further updates of those products.

Also included in this version of Router is the ability to set a longer
CAT Communications Log (up to 500,000 characters) for debugging.  Users
are encouraged *not* to routinely run large CAT logs as there is some
performance impact from managing the larger buffer.

Full details, change logs and the new Router installer are available
from the Download page at www.microHAM.com or www.microHAM-USA.com.

To update microHAM Router, disconnect *all* USB devices except keyboard
and mouse then click "Help | Update Router" in microHAM Router or
download and run the installer if Router is not running.  When the
installer has finished, *restart* Windows, start Router, connect only
the microHAM product and check your configuration.  Once you have
confirmed that the updated Router is functioning properly, you may
connect other USB devices one at a time while checking for any


    ... Joe Subich, W4TV
        microHAM America

        support e-mail:  support at microHAM.com

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