[WriteLog] TR: MMTTY separate temporary from WRITELOG

G rigel001 at sympatico.ca
Tue Jan 21 19:42:44 EST 2014

I tried in the pass and for some reasons it did'int work.
So I got in touch with RB tech & was told that to operate RTTY ((( FSK ))) (
for the RTTY filters & TPF during contests ) I have to use two port on my
desktop to Rigblaster Pro.

This week I will try your below details & download those softwares
Gilles ve2lx

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> WL being hooked to MMTTY by MMTTY plugin we do not have access to com
> port in MMTTY to temporary configure it to RX on its com and TX on
> new com port.

That is not correct - (((((( one can set the port using the RTTYrite Port
menu and reinitialize the MMTTY plug-in if using the *old* SM6SRW
plug-in.  If using the new XMMT.OCX version of MMTTY, one can set
the FSK Port to *none* in the RTTYrite menu and select the port in
the MMTTY configuration dialog.))))))

 > I use WL on com 1 for RX no TX and com 2 for TX.

I do not understand why you would use two ports for Writelog.  CW is
supported on the same port as radio control so one only needs two
ports for radio control, CW, PTT and RTTY.


    ... Joe, W4TV

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