[WriteLog] WL/MMTTY/MicroKEYER II/port settings follow up - all is well...

Ray Day rayday at cox.net
Fri Jan 2 21:58:54 EST 2015

Hi all, 


First, thank you to Joe W4TV and Ed W0YK for sending me info in emails that
put me back in the happy column! Joe for a short to-the-point tidbit and Ed
for a bigger-picture-than-I-had that opened up a whole new understanding of
the RTTYrite vs MMTTY situation.


Then, a recap: In MMTTY stand alone, my options TX tab has a port selection
area. That's where I chose COM8 (no EXTFSK even though it's a USB-generated
port(?)) - all OK there. But in WL, when I selected WL RTTY window and
RTTYrite window with COM8 selected (none of the software generation methods
selected), TU type MMTTY, then TU setup, MMTTY settings, the TX tab has no
COM port to select. 


I did go thru again the MicroHAM-supplied WL setup process, and did change
source to left and clock to 12000 (this wasn't done in my original setup
procedure). I went thru several attempts at checking/rechecking everything
and restarts of WL RTTY window, WL itself, etc., and after a while somehow
the COMTXD(FSK) option showed up in the MMTTY setup options (MMTTY was
chosen as TU type) with MMTTY running under WL. If I had to guess, the
winner was not selecting any software generation in the RTTYrite PORT tab -
but I'm not sure. 


So it all works well now. And I'm NOT going to close out WL or the interface
before tomorrow's contest!


So thanks again, Joe and Ed, for your help. I was really freaked!


73, HNY,

Ray N6HE


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