[WriteLog] rttyrite cw in stereo?

Wayne, W5XD w5xd at writelog.com
Tue Jan 12 19:09:56 EST 2016

> Writelog CWers,
> Is there a way to get right channel audio to the cw decoder opened
> from a rttyrite window via "sound board AFSK"? I am running Windows 7
> 64bit and Writelog 11.32 with two radios; one on the left and one on
> the right. I am still using the old set up on one sound card for the
> two radios (not the newer 2 sound cards). For rtty with mmtty I can
> select left or right channels. But with the cw decoder all I seem to
> get is left channel audio. this means that both radios see the same
> audio stream instead of a left and right stereo stream. Does this mean
> that Writelog is only opening the sound board in mono, not stereo as
> in rtty mode?
> Or am I just having a senior moment and overlooking something.
> Jerry, W6IHG
The configuration you describe is supported.
Sounds like you already found step #1, which is to run the Start menu
program installed in WriteLog V11 (or V12 today) Sound board mixer control.
The critical entry for you case is "rec(s) to PC".

Step 2 is to have two Entry Windows, which you get with
Radio/number-of-radios (sounds like you have that one, too)

Step 3 is to set one of them to be "LEFT" and the other to "RIGHT" using
the menu: Radio/this-window-is

Step 4 is to turn on the CW display (use the Windows Menu) and then
right click and Setup CW decoder...and set it to STEREO.


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