[WriteLog] Writelog version 12.39C, RTTY mode

Robert Loranger bobloranger at videotron.ca
Thu May 16 23:16:42 EDT 2019

In RTTY mode, when sending the report such as:    599 %3,  it comes out 
as 599 00A.    For the ninth contact, it will send 599 00N.

QSO number 10 comes out as 0AT......QSO number 11,  0AA and so on till 
QSO 021, 02A   then QSO 022 is and up are OK till QSO

029 which is sent as 02N.

Note:  I ran into this problem with version 12.38E.  Older version of WL 
worked OK.

Running Windows 7.

Anybody has encountered this anomaly?

Or am I missing something obvious?

Thank you


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