[WWYC] Friedrichshafen 2012

Tomasz Miklas tm at sq6tqm.info
Thu Jun 14 01:40:42 PDT 2012

You are really lucky, Franki :)

My HF gear is boxed for the last 3+ years - totally no conditions to put up any antenna here, that's why I'm 'off air'. If only I had a chance to have reasonable antenna... but I have some cunning plans for the next year or so, so no excuses - all will happen when the right time comes.

Vy 73

On 14 Jun 2012, at 07:12, Franki ON5ZO wrote:

>> Good to see many still putting in great scores each week though.
>> Lee G0MTN
>> (Now OF contester, parent, and at work in the middle of the night :-
>> no time for radio or FHN visit!)
> I think many of 'my generation' WWYC'ers plan work and family around the 
> contests as much as possible. After all, what would we do without 
> contesting?
> My free time ("shack credit") goes to contests first. Everything else is 
> optional and of low priority. Like the huge pile of QSL cards waiting here 
> ;o)
> That's why I don't do Facebook or Twitter: no time to waste on that!
> 73!
> - ON5ZO 
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