[Yaesu] Band Data connector splitter for 1KMP

John Tait bravo at iol.ie
Thu Feb 16 12:26:58 PST 2012

Hi Ted.
              I do exactly that. I have a homebrew band decoder 
connected to my FT5K Band Data socket. I recently I added a new SPE 
1K-FA amp. I just connected a pair of female in-line sockets in parallel 
with a male Band Data plug. It works fine, except for one small snag. If 
I switch the power off on the amp, my band decoder doesn't work, unless 
I unplug the Band Data cable from the amp.
       Vy 73
              John EI7BA

On 16/02/2012 16:11, Ted Boerkamp wrote:
> Hello everyone..Just want to ask the multitudes of Yaesu 1000MP users if
> they
> have ever come across a circuit or product which allows you to supply the
> Band Data
> info from the radio to more than one device???
> I currently have the FL7000 amp connected to my 1000MP and the Band Data
> cable
> Is connected between the two for automatic band changes on the amp.
> Now I am trying to figure out how I can still provide Band Data info to a
> Band decoder
> Board for automatically switching antennas if the Band data jack is already
> used??
> Is there a splitter type cable or circuit available for this situation???
> Any ideas or feedback are greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Ted Boerkamp  VE3SS

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