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Subject: [AMPS] amazing doubletalk...
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Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 20:52:38 -0700
>I, too am fed up with the distortions and lies 

//  Bill plays the Lies Card.

>pushed forth by "2"- aka,
>Rich Measures.

//  So killfile me, Bill - like Tom.

>I have picked a couple to question. 
//  Which couple is it?

>In the first- the references to the "Engineer" from Eimac, first you say he
>IS an Engineering manager, 

//   I did not say this.  
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In article <>, (R. L. Measures ) writes:

>Tom:  Who is the anonymous Mr. XXX?  Why does he list a ficticious Eimac
>e-mail address?.  
>Tom:   Who are/is "they"?.  
>Tom:   What are the names of the people at Eimac, to whom you refer to as
>"it's the
>entire staff",  who allegedly say that Mr. Foote and I are wrong about
>gold-sputtering being caused by an oscillation condition?  


I tried to avoid this, because it would leave you no way out. 

// (guffaw)

>I really
don't enjoy this, but I see no alternative. You've pushed too hard on this
issue and impugned my credibility with "stories", so you can have what you

The former *R+D engineering manager*, Buzz Miklos, of the Salt Lake City
Varian plant has agreed to speak to one or two people on the telephone
about your theories. He said he will also come on line, but since he just
took a position as engineering manager with another tube manufacturer in
PA, it will be sometime in January before he is able to connect directly
to this newsgroup.

But if you want a quick answer, let's find someone to talk to Mr. Miklos.
A second person still at Varian Salt Lake, John Button, will confirm Mr.
Miklos' employment status with Varian, and the fact that Mr. Miklos was
indeed R+D engineering manager for Varian and a long term employee in
power grid tube design and research. Mr. Brandon will also conform Mr.
Miklos' qualifications. Incidentally, both Mr. Button and Reid disagree
with you completely also. 

Mr. Miklos feels, and says his Eimac engineering staff felt, your theories
have no merit and display a complete misunderstanding of how a power grid
tube operates and the mechanisms of tube failures. 

He prefers you not receive his phone number, since he understands you have
more time to argue than he does. He will, however, call you if you always
promise to include his views whenever you mention the person assigned to
answer customer letters, Mr. Foote.

You wanted to know who at Varian disagrees with you. You now have what you
have asked for...and perhaps more than you wanted.

Mr. Miklos said my interpretation of grid damage was correct, that the
8877 can only dissipate perhaps two times the rated dissipation (50 watts)
before grid damage occurs. He further stated a major cause of gold
sputtering is poor alignment between the grid and cathode bands in the
tube, or grid dissipations above the 35-50 watt range.

He also says, as I did,  gold migrates slowly on its' own accord from
normal electron bombardment. Excessive grid current speeds this process.
Excessive dissipation makes the gold migration fatal to the cathode in a
very short time.

Let's pick someone to call Mr. Miklos. He will confirm all of this, and as
much more as needed. Or we can drop all this parasitic nonsense and do
better things.

Your move. 

73 Tom"
> then you say that Eimac's Personnel dept (the
>last people I would ask) say he wasn't- which is it? 

//  Eimac-Varian's personnel department rep said that Miklos worked there 
but that he sought employment elsewhere.  She said that Miklos was an 
Engineer-B at Eimac, the lowest position in the engineeering department, 
and that he was not a manager.   She said that Miklos was well liked.  

>   Did you ever ask
>anyone in Eimacs Technical depts about it? 

//  no.  Confirmation that the personnel dept. rep was upfront came 

> If so, what did they say? I keep
>having the impression that you are only telling a part of this. 
//  True.  The entire R&D Manager go-around with Mr. Rauch was lengthy.  
If you like, I will e.mail you the whole episode from the archive.  Tom's 
reaction to to the findings of my telephone call to SLC-Eimac was quite 

>>//  During the Grate Parasitics Debate, Buzz Miklos, the R&D Engineering 
>>Manager at Eimac's Salt Lake City plant was scheduled to appear on the 
>>debate to scientifically expose the numerous technical errors in my QST 
>>articles.   However, I thought that something smelled a tad fishy, so I 
>>telephoned the personnel department at the plant and discovered that the 
>>"Manager" was never higher up than the bottom rung of the engineering 
>>ladder.  After word of this leaked out, the "Manager" proved to be a no 
>>show.  Subsequently, I found out that this person is an amateur radio 
>>operator, and that he handed out business cards at hamventions 
>>identifying himself as said R&D Engineering Manager.    (transcripts of 
>>this rather jolly debate are available from Yours Truly)
>The second collection of distortions is in the references to Mr. Rauch.
>My question is- where are the EXACT locations and quotes that you are
>referring to?- I have read the Sept-94 stuff, and the only thing vaguely
>resembling  any part of this is where Tom refers to several companies
>experts, and, it so happens, he worked for one of them. 

//  Bingo.  Tom Rauch is The amplifier engineer at MFJ-Ameritron.  Thus, 
he put himself on his list of recognized amplifier experts.  I find it 
incredulous the QST Editor Mark Wilson did not snag this faux pas.   /QST 
staffer Paul Pagel had nothing to do with the Sept, 1994 Technical Topics 

>The rest just is
>not there. So- where did the statements about RF resistance changes, AC
>circuit analysis, and disappearing gas come from? 
//  It's in the Grate Parasitics Debate Archive, like the above quote on 
the "R&D Engineering Manager".  

>>//  Mr. "...." stated that nickle-chromium alloys have more RF-resistance 
>>as frequency decreases, that AC circuit-analysis does not work for L-R 
>>VHF suppressors, that gas can disappear in cold tubes, and that he's one 
>>of our recognized amplifier experts (p.72, 9-94 QST).  
>Please - if you cant answer articulately, have the grace to NOT say 'zzzzz'
>or 'chortle', or other inanities, such as 'is that a frog in your pocket?'
>I can read-, and understand ,  the English language pretty well, and have
>actually been paid to do so. 

//  Others are seemingly not as capable as you, Bill.  

>However, much of your twaddle is very hard to
>understand, because it is not coherent.  

//  ...  the Twaddle Card.

>Please, for me, try to use
>complete sentences,  give real references, and, when you indicate quotes,
>be sure there is something that can be found that is the source quoted.
>Hope this helps- Bill-W4BSG. 
>Bill Aycock   ---   Persimmon Hill 

Persimmon cookies .  .  .  ummm. 

cheers, Bill

-  R. L. Measures, 805.386.3734, AG6K,  

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