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Subject: [AMPS] amazing doubletalk...
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Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 08:35:03 -0700
>> In the first- the references to the "Engineer" from Eimac, first you
>> say he IS an Engineering manager, then you say that Eimac's Personnel
>> dept (the last people I would ask) say he wasn't- which is it? Did you
>> ever ask anyone in Eimacs Technical depts about it? If so, what did
>> they say? 
>Eimac (at that time it was Varian) like all other companies is not 
>allowed to give a "strange caller" personal information about 
>Many employees at Eimac also already know Rich pretty well.

//  As I recall, the course of events:
1.  I telephoned Varian-Eimac's Salt Lake City plant and asked to speak 
with someone in rhe personnel department -- which I was told is now 
called human resources.  My call was transfered. 
2,  I stated my name and the woman screamed  -   -   - not.  
3.  I said that I was participating in a Newsgroup debate on the Internet 
and that one of the combatants had made some statements about one of your 
ex-employees that seemed a bit fishy.  I gave her the name of the 
ex-employee and quoted the statement about the alleged "R&D Engineering 
Manager".  She said that he had worked there but he was never a manager. 
... ... ... ...
>Since Buzz Miklos was head of R&D and disagreed with almost 
>everything Rich says about tubes, it is in Rich's best interest to 
>"remove  Buzz" from his job.
//  The first item that smelt of smelt was the claim that Mr. Miklos 
disagreed with almost everything.  
-  For all of the QST Magazine articles I wrote, two review groups 
critiqued each article.  The first review group was amp. builders in the 
Western states that I talked with in the 40m Combat Zone (7250-7260, 
daytime).  The second was in Newington.  The "no merit" statement 
seemingly did not hold water.  

>Buzz did authorize Eimac to release his job history records, and 
>Eimac sent me a letter stating Buzz was R&D manager. 

//  When Mr. Rauch was challenged on his claim that he had a letter from 
Eimac that increased the 3-500Z's current rating to 500mA (see AL-80B 
owner's manual), I said post the letter.  If you guessed that he did not, 

>When I 
>offered a copy of the letter to Rich, he claimed I forged the letter. 

//  A search of the Grate Parasitics Debate failed to turn up the words 
'forge' or 'forged'.  Please cite the quote, Mr. Rauch.  

>When Rich was offered the ability to get a letter himself, he said he 
>wasn't interested.
//  In my experiences, fabricators do not seem to be able to change their 
modus operandi any more than leopards can change their spots.  

>> them. The rest just is not there. So- where did the statements about
>> RF resistance changes, AC circuit analysis, and disappearing gas come
>> from? >> >//  Mr. "...." stated that nickle-chromium alloys have more
>> RF-resistance >as frequency decreases, that AC circuit-analysis does
>> not work for L-R >VHF suppressors, that gas can disappear in cold
>> tubes, and that he's one >of our recognized amplifier experts (p.72,
>> 9-94 QST).  >
>Rich actually can't produce any of what he claims, because it does 
>not exist as he states it.
>Hold his feet to the fire, and watch.  

//  Try me.  Text file format copies of the 281.681-word Debate are 
available via e.mail.

>73, Tom W8JI

-  R. L. Measures, 805.386.3734, AG6K,  

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