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[AMPS] amazing doubletalk...

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Subject: [AMPS] amazing doubletalk...
From: (Tom Rauch)
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 06:32:20 -0400
> In the first- the references to the "Engineer" from Eimac, first you
> say he IS an Engineering manager, then you say that Eimac's Personnel
> dept (the last people I would ask) say he wasn't- which is it? Did you
> ever ask anyone in Eimacs Technical depts about it? If so, what did
> they say? 

Eimac (at that time it was Varian) like all other companies is not 
allowed to give a "strange caller" personal information about 

Many employees at Eimac also already know Rich pretty well.

Since Buzz Miklos was head of R&D and disagreed with almost 
everything Rich says about tubes, it is in Rich's best interest to 
"remove  Buzz" from his job.

Buzz did authorize Eimac to release his job history records, and 
Eimac sent me a letter stating Buzz was R&D manager. When I 
offered a copy of the letter to Rich, he claimed I forged the letter. 
When Rich was offered the ability to get a letter himself, he said he 
wasn't interested.

> them. The rest just is not there. So- where did the statements about
> RF resistance changes, AC circuit analysis, and disappearing gas come
> from? >> >//  Mr. "...." stated that nickle-chromium alloys have more
> RF-resistance >as frequency decreases, that AC circuit-analysis does
> not work for L-R >VHF suppressors, that gas can disappear in cold
> tubes, and that he's one >of our recognized amplifier experts (p.72,
> 9-94 QST).  >

Rich actually can't produce any of what he claims, because it does 
not exist as he states it.

Hold his feet to the fire, and watch.  
73, Tom W8JI 

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