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[AMPS] Additional Info Voltage Doubler/Filter Capacitance

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Subject: [AMPS] Additional Info Voltage Doubler/Filter Capacitance
From: (Tom Rauch)
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 11:58:47 -0400

I left out the fact I used one ampere of load current in the example 

> > Kurt,
> > There is full info on modelling voltage doublers on the Duncan amps
> > = site. You do not have to download and store, you can simply open
> > the site and = do the exercise
> I didn't seem to be able to do that Barry. I had to download the file.
> I could only run the bridge rectifier program, and it very clearly
> gave me incorrect answers.
> In one example I modelled a full wave rectifier with 20 ohms ESR (the
> maximum it allows) with 2600 volts at the transformer, and it said
> 3600 volts dc output. That is clearly incorrect.  

73, Tom W8JI 

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