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[Amps] Help with first project (4-1000A ???)

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Subject: [Amps] Help with first project (4-1000A ???)
From: "Edward Foltyn" <>
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 19:22:23 -0500
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Ok folks,  I'm jumping in here to ask some questions, some of which have 
probably been asked before.  I want to build my first amp and over the last 
couiple of years have accumulated much of what I need for in a 4-100A amp (2 
tubes, socket, chimney, transformer from a Johnson Desk KW [capable of upwards 
of 8kv], vacuum variable, etc).  

However, everytime I read this reflector and others, I find that if I run in 
G-G, I'll need more than 100w to get in the 1300-1500w output range and if I 
use driven grid, I'll spend a lot of time trying to make everything work.

My question for the group is to get some ideas on whether or not I should 
proceed with this project, or cut my losses(??) and try to get somethinga bit 
more straight forward.

Thanks for the advice.
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