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Very interesting Carl.

I would call the current stash of CFL third generation.

I started back in the middle 80's trying out 1 lamp in my house.

IT BURNED OUT QUICKLY.  I returned it and they gave me another, It burned

Ten years later CFL's became what I call 2nd generation.  The bases were a
little smaller and the price came down some.  Tried another couple, they
burnt out.

Around 2004 I think, what I call generation three came about.  The bulbs are
now around the same physical size as the incandescents they replaced.  I
bought two for my radio room and replaced the two dingy 60 watt bulbs with
two 100WATT equivalent units that now fit the fixture.  Very Pleased, After
1 week  I got a wild hair up my tail and bought about 20 of them.  Filled
out the whole house.

These are all FEIT ELECTRIC brand name.

I even put one in the garage opener this time to see if it will dim during
winter.  The porch light will have to stay INCAN.

I have had 1 lamp fail since I upped the system.  One of the units in the

I have been very happy with them.  They are terrible for photography and
need to be swapped out for that.

I don't know if I am saving money, my guess is no because they are
expensive.  BUT...  they will give you a lot more light in a dark room
without the heat unlimiting a lot of fixtures.

You get used to turning on the switch and going one-thousand one and the
lights come on...

Plus they take several minutes to come to full brilliance. 


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I switched to the compacts in a few places about 5 years ago when imports 
became available at decent prices. I use them in places where I havent been 
able to train my wife or remaining at home son to turn the incadescents off.

I have 6 in total and no failures yet. If my electric bill went down I cant 
tell but at least Im not replacing 75-100W incadescents every time I turn 
around. In that respect Ive saved money.


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>        over to the new compact electronic fluorescent globes.So far,so
> good.I have an idea that the higher voltage creates higher electricity
> bills.
> 73....Bob..VK3ZL..
>         Of course it does!!! Do you think the suppliers are "stupid"???
>        A reader of this list , and very happy with it.!!!
>          Carl / kz5ca
>        My bills are quite a bit higher now than 20 yrs. ago and yet I
> have not used any more than the usual , lights, soldering iron, an amp
> now and then , etc. That's about all.!!! the total bill has increased by
> about 50-60 %. !!!  Inflation ?? not too likely.!!!!
>       Have a good day all !!!!!!!!!!
>      carl / kz5ca
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