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Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 01:15:15 -0400
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>>You pay a fair amount more up-front for the CFL bulbs and I have seen
>>nowhere near the lifetime they are claiming.  They blow around here all
>>of the time and I would be surprised if I was getting a year on average
>>for the CFLs.  Granted, my line voltage is high -- about 125 -- but then

Our line voltage is showing 117-118 on the UPS which is typical through the 
house. The shop which is on its own transformer runs 119-120. Even with 5 
computers running my bill is pretty close to what it's been over the last 30 
years with the exception of about 2 cents per KWH in taxes. OTOH 40 years 
ago I had an all electric house. Everything including hot water ran about 
$90.  Then the ACLU complained about preferential rates and the bill went to 
over $270 in one month.  The total utilities were back to $90 the next 
month. (I put in oil fired hot water heat)

>>many people have that high of line voltage.

We've replaced nearly all the lights (17 so far) in the house with them 
although we upped the rating to about double what they say to get the light 
we want. They actually do deliver the equivelant on the package as measured 
by a light meter, but part of the spectrum is missing and they don't look as 
bright to me. In the last wo years we've only had two fail. One in a ceiling 
fixture in the kitchen and one on the ceiling in the garage.  The one in 
kitchen was out for a couple of days while the one  (out of 4 150 watt 
equiv) in the garage was out for several months.  No smell or smoke out of 

We use ceiling fixtures in the basement, each with a pair of 4' tubes. I use 
11 ceiling fixtures with a pair of 8' tubes in the shop. I can figure the 
ones in the shop are good for a year.  When they start going I just replace 
all 22 of them.

The only incandescents left are those in the bathroom plus the floods at the 
front of the garage and corners of the shop (with motion sensors)

The hamshack is on its own circuits in the house. (110 and a 220 for the 
amps) while there are more than enough circuits in the shop for the rigs and 
amps out there. (The amps are on their own circuits)

OTOH I'm going to put in a pair of dropped fixtures over the desk and work 
bench in the shop so I don't have to run 22 eight foot (75 watt) tubes for 
light. That's 1650 watts just for lights. It runs about $100 to $125 for 
tubes per year when purchased by the carton. Three of the 150 watt 
equivelant screw ins would purchase a carton of the big ones.

>>We had one that had burned out a few days ago but it was in a bvanity
>>fixture of 3 bulbs in the bathroom my wife uses and my wife never 
>>it to me.  Last night it decided to start stinking up the place with a 
>>bad burned-up electronics smell.  So when they burn out you really need to
>>remove them ASAP, unlike incandescent bulbs.

Roger (K8RI) 

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