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Subject: Re: [Amps] higher v.??
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Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 10:19:57 -0400
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I'm sure that there are several versions made in several plants. Some good, 
some bad. The ones I have take about 30 seconds to get full brilliance and 
are somewhat close to the color of incadescents but I've no way to check 
spectrum. I've seen others that are instant on and a brilliant white, almost 
too intense.

I must be getting old, the count is actually 10. I forgot the ones I put in 
the attics and the furnace/ well tank sub basement a few years ago. The 
house is 80' long and built in 3 stages/levels from 1836 to 1989 when I 
moved here.

I dont remember the brand on the display card but they were from China and 
cost under a buck a lamp in packs of 4 bulbs.

An added bonus is that they lessen the load on the generator when the power 
goes out should you happen to be set up that way.

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>>You pay a fair amount more up-front for the CFL bulbs and I have seen
>>nowhere near the lifetime they are claiming.  They blow around here all
>>of the time and I would be surprised if I was getting a year on average
>>for the CFLs.  Granted, my line voltage is high -- about 125 -- but then
>>many people have that high of line voltage.
>>We had one that had burned out a few days ago but it was in a bvanity
>>fixture of 3 bulbs in the bathroom my wife uses and my wife never 
>>it to me.  Last night it decided to start stinking up the place with a 
>>bad burned-up electronics smell.  So when they burn out you really need to
>>remove them ASAP, unlike incandescent bulbs.
> As a follow up.  Just had two more CFLs die tonight -- AFTER I wrote the 
> above
> note.  A fixture of three of them had been on much of the day while I
> worked under
> them.  Turned them off for a half hour or so and when I turned them
> back on, two of
> them were out and one of the dark ones started smoking and stinking. 
> Quickly
> shut of the light switch and pulled the two bad ones before the smoke and 
> smell
> got any worse.
> I am starting to get paranoid about leaving them on while I am gone.  We 
> did
> have a "good" lightning storm today but they functioned just fine for
> a number of
> hours after the storm was over, so I find it hard to make some sort
> of connection
> to the lightning.
> FWIW--John W0UN
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