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Re: [Amps] higher v.??

Subject: Re: [Amps] higher v.??
From: Steve Thompson <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 07:58:25 +0100
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Roger wrote:
>>> You pay a fair amount more up-front for the CFL bulbs and I have seen
>>> nowhere near the lifetime they are claiming.  They blow around here all
>>> of the time and I would be surprised if I was getting a year on average
>>> for the CFLs.  Granted, my line voltage is high -- about 125 -- but then
> Our line voltage is showing 117-118 on the UPS which is typical through the 
> house. The shop which is on its own transformer runs 119-120. Even with 5 
> computers running my bill is pretty close to what it's been over the last 30 
> years with the exception of about 2 cents per KWH in taxes. OTOH 40 years 
> ago I had an all electric house. Everything including hot water ran about 
> $90.  Then the ACLU complained about preferential rates and the bill went to 
> over $270 in one month.  The total utilities were back to $90 the next 
> month. (I put in oil fired hot water heat)
>>> many people have that high of line voltage.
> We've replaced nearly all the lights (17 so far) in the house with them 
> although we upped the rating to about double what they say to get the light 
> we want. They actually do deliver the equivelant on the package as measured 
> by a light meter, but part of the spectrum is missing and they don't look as 
> bright to me. 

Do they fade in the same way that 'regular' fluorescent tubes do? I had 
to dismantle a fixture to replace a dead tube at work, so I thought I'd 
do all four while I was there. I was staggered by the extra light (same 
spec tubes from the bulk lot I bought when the fittings went in three 
years ago).

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