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Subject: Re: [Amps] LK 500 ZA heat
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Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 15:28:14 -0400
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>> If you pressurize the inlet of a fan or blower, it 
>> greatly
>> increases outlet pressure. If you draw on the outlet it
>> hardly changes airflow. The inlet fan largely sets the
>> volume of air. The same is true for restrictions. If you
>> restrict an inlet, there is a huge air volume change. If 
>> you
> Tell that to the millions of car owners with electric fans 
> that pull the air thru the restrictive radiator. Tests 
> have long proven that trying to push the air thru the 
> radiator is a bad idea.


It's just silly to drag in unrelated arguments against 
something that is a clearly known fact, especially something 
so easy to prove with minimal research or experimentation.

Cars suck air through the radiator because that's where the 
drive system is. They aren't about to extend a shaft through 
the middle of the radiator, so they burn up some extra 
horsepower with a less efficienct air system. Also the 
movement of the car through the air is what does 90% of the 
air movement, the only real thing the fan does is cool the 
system when the vehicle is stopped or at slow speed. That's 
also when BTU's generated by the engine is less, since the 
fuel volume being burned is lowest.

Analogies to a 200 horsepower engine in a system that is not 
pressure or noise critical and can't put the fan in the 
optimum place is a tremendious waste of time.

> Placing a small fan in exhaust mode has also saved many 
> sweep tube rigs from premature tube failure. Ask anyone 
> who used Drake C Line in contests for example.

Anything is better than nothing Carl. He was talking about 
adding a fan to a system that already has a fan, not a 
convection system like the Drake. This was just another lame 
meaningless analogy.

It is an undisputable fact air movers act like I outlined, 
and something everyone designing or modifying a cooling 
system should know. Even someone working on a car.

73 Tom 

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