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Subject: Re: [Amps] LK 500 ZA heat
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Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 15:31:35 -0400
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Denny was on the ground and running with Cary even before the banks closed 
up Amp Supply. He even built the LK-800A at Cary for several years. I 
wouldnt be at all suprised if he still builds a few to order.

Im glad for him and he always treated me well. He has found his niche and 
its a lot more profitable then dealing with cheap hams!


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> However Denny Had seems to be doing well now,
> please see
> 73 de Osten SM5DQC
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>>> Pulling air out is a bad idea. Fans do a terrible job of
>>> sucking air. Think of them as pressure amplifiers.
>>> If you pressurize the inlet of a fan or blower, it greatly
>>> increases outlet pressure. If you draw on the outlet it
>>> hardly changes airflow. The inlet fan largely sets the
>>> volume of air. The same is true for restrictions. If you
>>> restrict an inlet, there is a huge air volume change. If you
>> Tell that to the millions of car owners with electric fans that pull the 
>> air thru the restrictive radiator. Tests have long proven that trying to 
>> push the air thru the radiator is a bad idea.
>> Placing a small fan in exhaust mode has also saved many sweep tube rigs 
>> from premature tube failure. Ask anyone who used Drake C Line in contests 
>> for example.
>> Amp Supply simply used poor choices for the fans as well as very little 
>> egress for the hot air. Ive seen several of those amps with portions of 
>> the tops and sides cut out and replaced by perforated aluminum. Mine has 
>> a stock cover but the paint is discolored.
>> Amp Supply also switched to the proper switch design about mid way thru 
>> the life of that ZC product. I was a consultant to Denny and received the 
>> LK-500ZC and a LK-781 as part payment. Unfortunately the company went 
>> under shortly after due to Dennys personal problems.
>> Carl
>> KM1H
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